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    “The French dubbing is remarkable” Playfrance.com

    “Kudos to the writing, funny and cheeky as ever, and to the dubbing, notably with the leading actor Christophe Lemoine as Jack .”
    “You have to take your hat off to the talented French dubbing that makes the game even more immersive [...]. It would be a real injustice to deny yourself the French version.” PS3gen.fr

    “The dubbing and dialogs are excellent.”

    “One of the best dubbings to Castilian.”

    “The French dubbing certainly doesn't spoil the picture with some magnificent brushwork on the multiple characters...” Jeuxvideo.com

MMORPG localization specialists...


From a few thousand words... to several million per project!

With its know-how and team motivation, Around the Word has been entrusted with some of the most ambitious projects of all time.

Starting in 2003, we began work on the French adaptation of Dark Age of Camelot, at that time the most important (and biggest!) MMO out there. We provided an innovative methodology to remain true to our quality objectives while meeting head on the new challenge the genre created in terms of volume. We have continued to innovate and develop tools and processes particularly adapted to the specific characteristics of MMO’s. We are proud of the list prestigious titles that our unmatched experience is built on.

  • ArcheAge
  • Wildstar (2014)
  • Marvel Heroes
  • Defiance
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Rift
  • Tera
  • Conan: Hyborian Adventures
  • Aion
  • Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
  • Guild Wars
  • City of Heroes
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • And many more...


For contractual reasons, we cannot provide a full list of titles or publishers.

Advantages we offer

  • Continual quality assurance
  • Adaptation to your needs
  • A motivated team
  • Unmatched number of major MMO’s localized
  • Extensive understanding of CAT tools (Trados, SDLX, etc)
  • Experienced analysis of loc kits
  • Close collaboration with the publisher and/or developer to set up a delivery schedule and the best qualitative solution possible
  • Custom-built proprietary tools including multilingual online glossary
  • Capacity for very high volume localization - translation and recording - while preserving coherence
  • (1,600,000 words for the largest MMORPG)

Those who trust us with their business

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  • bioware
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  • funcom
  • Gameforge
  • infinity
  • larian studios
  • ncsoft
  • revolution
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  • treyarch
  • trion
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  • “Working in difficult conditions, with very tight deadlines, and high expectations of quality. The challenge was a success on all counts; one need only read the reviews that are unanimous on the quality of the localisation.” G.B., Project Manager, Ubisoft
  • “Working with Around the Word is an amazing experience! Plus, they'll never let you down. Exactly what a partner should be.” P.J., Localization Director, THQ
  • “Most translation agencies will make the same promises, but ATW are among the very few who truly deliver as advertised. A real passion for games, honesty, flexibility and consistent high quality, it's always a pleasure to work with them. Also, their recording studios and voice talent are world-class.” M.S, Project Manager, Trion Worlds
  • “The challenges were big, but the team went above and beyond to develop production methods adapted to what we were looking for, and delivered great results on time and on budget. Their friendliness and care for quality are unsurpassed.” A.G., Localization Manager, Funcom
  • “It’s always a pleasure to work with Around the Word. The service is friendly and reliable, projects are handled smoothly and efficiently and most importantly, their communication is excellent.” E.W., Localization and QA Manager, NCSOFT
  • “An ideal collaboration since 2004. Thorough work, perfect organization, and irreproachable quality of sound and text files. Over the years, I've especially appreciated the dialog and investment of all the team.” A.L., Localisation Manager, Frogwares
  • “Around the Word are a team of detail oriented problem solvers and we regularly count on them with some of our biggest challenges.” Audio Capture Team, Electronic Arts

Our company at a glance...

logo around the Word - TraductionAround the Word provides support every step of the way: from translation-adaptation, voice talent direction, casting, professional recording, dubbing, voice-over, cleanup, editing and mixing to sound design, subtitling, IT support and quality control.

Our translators and audio specialists employ all their expertise to adapt your product to the language and culture of your target market while taking into account all the constraints and deadlines.

Our expertise

  • Video game localization
  • Proofreading and review
  • Lip synch detection and adaptation
  • Subtitling
  • Dubbing and voice-overs
  • Post-production
  • Quality assurance
  • Consulting and Training

Contact us

  • 59, boulevard Exelmans - 75016 PARIS

  • +33 (0)1 53 17 10 70

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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